3E LCE – exposition « teenagers who changed the world » au CDI

Cet article a été rédigé par les élèves de 3eme LCE avec leur professeure Mme Vérino. Bravo à eux pour leur exposition intéressante et motivante !

TEENAGERS WHO CHANGED THE WORLD is an exhibition, created by 3e LCE students. It pays homage to teenagers who created objects or concepts and influenced the world with their courageous actions.
You can now visit our exhibition at the school library.

Quotes from the students :

“ We chose this teenager because we studied the second World War and for us, it was a very important event in history.Historians can know about the past thanks to her emotional memoir”. – Raphaël & Nicolas

“ We chose Ann Makosinski because she makes very useful objects which changed the world and people’s daily lives”. – Camille & Tessa

“We chose Amika George because she speaks about girl’s menstruations and tries to find some solutions to help the girls who cannot buy pads or tampons”
– Safaa & Noémie

“ We chose the actress Millie Bobby Brown because she has an influence on kids and teenagers who watched her tv shows like “Stranger things” and films. She uses her community to talk against bullying, kid’s rights and Black Lives Matter”.
– Matahina & Zoé

“ We chose Nujoud Ali because she is the face of the country Yemen, in the fight against child marriage. She fights against it because she doesn’t want this situation to happen again”. – Nolan & Lou-Anne

“ We chose Louis Braille because we wanted to discover the accomplishments of a french teenager. He offered a place in the world for blind people, thanks to a new language”. – Corentin & Nolan.

“ We chose this lady because we were interested in her story. She was a courageous teenager and the cause Freddie defended was important”.
– Yacine & Nolann.